Best Criminal Lawyer In Bangladesh

best criminal lawyer in bangladesh

When it comes to Law and Jurisdiction, it is utterly vital to have the aid of the right lawyer who can help you through the significant matters of the court. As a Best Criminal Lawyer in Bangladesh, Advocate Md. Noushad Parvez is a renowned and prominent practitioner of law up to the Supreme Court.


Advocate Md. Noushad Parvez

With excellent academic qualifications, Md. Noushad Parvez is an exceptional double graduate in Law. He has achieved his first LL.B from the Southeast University, Bangladesh, and his second LL.B from the University of London, UK. Alongside his many accolades, Md. Noushad Parvez has been awarded the prestigious Dean’s Award during the completion of his LL. M. degree for his excellent all-around academic performance.


Besides, Md. Noushad Parvez is also one of the Regional Contributors to the World Bank Group.


Areas of Expertise

As the best criminal lawyer in Bangladesh, Advocate Md. Noushad Parvez regularly appears before the High Court Division of the Supreme Court as well as the lower courts and tribunals. His areas of expertise include court matters such as Writ, criminal bail, CIB matter, anticipatory bail, civil revision, criminal appeal, etc.


Advocate Md. Noushad Parvez’s areas of practice include:


  • Advisory, drafting, and various advocacy services in numerous fields including:
  • Commercial & Business
  • Property & Trust
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Money Suits & Debt Recovery
  • Judicial Reviews
  • Regulatory/Disciplinary matters.


  • Advising clients on banking transaction-related disputes and representing their own clients before the respected Courts if required.


  • Advising clients on Landlord and Tenant disputes, commercial or residential including:
  • Rent Arrears
  • Possession Proceedings
  • Forfeiture
  • Recovery of Deposits and Service Charges
  • Property and Boundary disputes.


  • Advising on Tax & Investment Law in relation to all investment in Five Star Marriott hotels of Bangladesh by JW Marriott International, USA.


  • Advising clients regarding the acquisition of succession Certificates, and representing the client before the Court if necessary.


  • All kinds of legal advice and services in relation to confidential issues. Also, contest the client’s interests regarding the issues of:
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Special Marriage
  • Family Maintenance
  • Maintenance after Separation
  • Dower Claims and Domestic Violence


  • Advising clients and providing litigation support on the Division of:
  • Property
  • Inheritance
  • Wills
  • Gifts
  • Trusts
  • Other instruments including Heba


  • Conduct regular suits of Child Custody and Guardianship.


  • Advise and Legal Support regarding Corporate Transactions (both domestic and international) as well as disputes on Directorship, Shares, and Transactions.


  • Advising and Handling all issues regarding:
  • Trademark Registration
  • Brand Protection
  • Copyrights and Patents
  • False Advertising and related cases


  • Advising clients on the matters of:
  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Application & Registration
  • Patent Filing and Registration
  • Copyrights and Licensing


  • Provide advice and represent clients before the Courts regarding:
  • Labor Disputes
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Trade Unions
  • Contracts and Unfair Practices


  • Represent clients if required in the Labour Tribunal in regard to unlawful termination from employment.


  • Advice and litigation support on Company Formation and other company matters.


As a best criminal lawyer in Bangladesh, Advocate Md Noushad Parvez is truly dedicated to pursuing the best interests of his clients to help them through all kinds of legal issues. He is originally part of Advocacy Legal, one of the largest and strongest Law Firms in Bangladesh.


Advocacy Legal

Advocacy Legal is a full-service Law Firm in Bangladesh located around Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. With an expert legal team that is spread all across the country, Advocacy Legal stands out as one of the most efficient Law firms in Bangladesh.


Advocacy Legal handles almost all kinds of legal cases and the most important aspect of the firm is that they deal with all the legal affairs in a 100% confidential manner. The extensive team of the law firm is highly regarded as they comprise some of the best criminal lawyers in Bangladesh, as well as highly qualified lawyers specializing in Tax, Immigration, or Family Court related cases.


As a matter of fact, Advocacy Legal offers all kinds of legal support to their clients ranging from Ad-interim Bail, Anticipatory (High Court) Bail, to Criminal Prosecution and Criminal Defense. Moreover, they also handle cases on Assault & Threats Charges, Women & Child Abuse, Bribery Charges, Dowry Prohibition, Pornography, Misuse of Information Technology, and Drugs Related Crimes.


As a leading law firm in the country, Advocacy Legal handles sensitive cases including Fraud & Breach of trust, Sex Crimes, Human Trafficking, Extortion, Restraining Orders, Weapons Charges, and White Collar crimes.


Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer

A Criminal Lawyer is a law practitioner who usually specializes in defending an individual charged with a crime. Criminal Lawyers offer legal advice and other legal support to their clients and often represent them in front of the respective courts when required during proceedings. They usually draft legal documentation, advice on possible defenses, and also help negotiate plea deals.


The reason Criminal Lawyers are so important is that they make sure that the rights of criminal defendants are well protected and help them get acquitted or released on the basis of evidence and legal documentation.


Often, Criminal Lawyers also help their clients to gain civil recourse if they are victims of a crime. That is, they are capable of filing lawsuits against perpetrators and even winning damage compensation for their clients.


Therefore, if you are being charged with any criminal accusations legally, it is vitally important to contact a criminal lawyer at the earliest. They can provide you with timely advice on the next movements you should make in order to settle the legal issues. Also, in order to prepare further legal documentations that will be necessary to resolve the charges applied to you.


Final Word

Criminal Lawyers are significant members of any society as they help protect the rights and safety of citizens. If you are looking for the Best Criminal Lawyer in Bangladesh, then Advocacy Legal is your correct destination. You may reach out to us regarding any legal issues and we will attempt our best to resolve the matter discreetly with utmost care in the shortest time possible. Contact us for any queries.








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