A criminal lawyer in Bangladesh is a lawyer who specialises in representing people who have been charged with a crime. They are typically hired by the prosecution (the side that is trying to prove the person’s guilt) or the defence (the side that is trying to prove their innocence).

Criminal lawyers in Bangladesh can provide a number of services, including helping to draft legal documents, advising on possible defences, and providing representation during court proceedings. They can also help negotiate plea deals or take on other legal tasks on behalf of their clients. Bangladeshi criminal lawyers are generally well-versed in criminal law, and are able to provide expert advice on a range of different criminal offences. If you’re facing charges related to a crime in Bangladesh, it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Why are Criminal lawyers important in Bangladesh?

Criminal lawyers play an important role in Bangladesh because they ensure that the rights of criminal defendants are protected. They provide legal representation to people who have been accused of a crime, and help to get them released or acquitted if the case goes to court.

In addition, criminal lawyers can also help their clients secure civil recourse if they’re victims of a crime. This means that they can often assist in filing lawsuits against the perpetrators, and win damages for their clients. Criminal lawyers are also often involved in public interest law issues, such as human rights and environmental justice.

Overall, criminal lawyers are essential members of any society because they protect the rights of citizens from harm. If you’re facing criminal charges in Bangladesh, don’t hesitate to seek out legal help from our qualified lawyer.

What is substantive criminal Law?

Substantive criminal law is the part of criminal law that deals with the substance (content) of a crime, rather than its form or Procedural Law. This includes things like defining what constitutes an offense, deciding what penalties should be imposed, and determining whether a defense exists.

Given the wide range of offenses that exist in Bangladesh, it is essential to find an attorney who understands substantive criminal law. This will help them understand not only the provisions of the legislation but also how these provisions are applied in court. Additionally, this understanding will give them a deeper understanding of your case and how best to defend it.

What happens after a person is arrested?

If you’re arrested in Bangladesh, the first thing you need to do is call our criminal lawyer. They will help you get through the legal process and protect your rights.

When a person is arrested, law enforcement officials take them into custody and bring them to a police station or some other secure location. At this point, they will be questioned by the police about what happened. If you’re suspected of committing a crime, then you may be asked to provide evidence that proves your innocence.

If you are found guilty of any offense, the police may charge you with it straight away. If this happens, your criminal lawyer will work hard to negotiate a better deal for you with the prosecutors or court system. They may also try to get you released on bail so that you can prepare for your trial.

Benefits of hiring our criminal lawyer in Bangladesh

If you have been accused of a crime in Bangladesh, it is important to contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. A good criminal lawyer can help you avoid any serious legal trouble and get the best possible outcome for your case. Here are some of the benefits that you may enjoy if you choose to hire our lawyer: – Our lawyer is experienced in handling both criminal and civil cases.

  • Our lawyer is licensed and certified, which means he or she has met the highest standards of ethics and practice.
  • We will always keep you informed about the progress of your case, so that you are fully aware of what’s happening.
  • We will work hard to get you the best possible sentence, based on your unique situation.
  • They will use all available legal resources to try and get your case dismissed or reduced.
  • We will work tirelessly to build a strong defense for you, which will likely result in a less severe sentence.
  • We have extensive experience dealing with criminal cases, which means we’re familiar with the Bangladeshi judicial system and procedures.

How to choose a good criminal lawyer in Bangladesh

Choosing the best criminal lawyer in Bangladesh can be a difficult task, given the vast number of options available. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a criminal lawyer in Bangladesh:

Get references from previous clients. Ask them detailed questions about their experience with the lawyer, and whether they were satisfied with the service he or she provided.

Check out online reviews and ratings to get an idea of how reputable the lawyer is. Also, look into their experience in specific criminal law areas, such as robbery and molestation cases.

Ask around to see if anyone knows any good lawyers who might be able to help you with your specific case. You can also search for our criminal lawyer directories or contact our law firms directly to ask them which lawyers they recommend.

Consider price range and availability. Make sure you find a lawyer who charges a reasonable rate, and who will be available when you need him or her.

Cost of our criminal lawyer in Bangladesh

There is no single answer to this question as the cost of a criminal lawyer will vary depending on the city, district and country where you are located.

It’s important to note that most criminal lawyers in Bangladesh also offer free consultations to potential clients to help them understand their legal rights and options.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable option with quality services, then you should consider contacting one of the lawyers listed here.


If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer in Bangladesh, then you should definitely consider choosing us. We have years of experience helping people get through difficult legal situations, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

We understand the importance of confidentiality, so we will never disclose any information about your case that isn’t necessary for us to carry out our work. We also take pride in our reputation for providing high-quality services at a fair price, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

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