Top 10 Lawyers in Bangladesh

top 10 lawyers in bangladesh

In order to deal with legal situations and handle various matters of the law, the aid and guidance of qualified Lawyers is a vital necessity. In this article, we will cover the Top 10 Lawyers in Bangladesh who can provide you with legal consultancy and aid you through legislation.

If the right legal assistance is not sought after, people may face serious complications while dealing with important matters of the law. Here are the Top 10 Lawyers in Bangladesh who hold the most prestigious qualifications and extensive experience in their respective fields.


Advocate Md Noushad Parvez

Advocate Md Noushad Parvez is the Head of Chambers and Operational Head of Advocacy Legal, one of the best law firms in Bangladesh. He is a double graduate in law and a practicing Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

Having completed his LL.B. from Southeast University, he achieved another LL.B. from the UNIVERSITY OF LONDON. He is also a regional contributor to the prestigious WORLD BANK GROUP.

As an experienced Advocate operating in various areas of law, Md Noushad Parvez holds extensive expertise regarding High Court matters including Writ, criminal bail, anticipatory bail, CIB matter, criminal bail, civil revision, etc.

Advocate Noushad Parvez appears regularly before the High Court and other Tribunals to represent his clients in various matters of the law. Highly regarded among his clients for his professional integrity, extensive experience, and amiable approach, Md Noushad Parvez is a trusted name in the field of law and litigation.

His Primary Areas of Practice include:

Marine Litigation
Commercial Transactions
Admiralty Suits
Business setup
Brand protection
Intellectual Property Registration
Anticipatory Bail
Special Marriage
Dower Money
Child Custody
Post-registral services for Foreign Companies

With his credentials and professional competency Advocate Noushad Parvez is one of the best lawyers in Bangladesh. He can be reached through ADVOCACY LEGAL for any kind of legal assistance and litigation.

The regular business hours last from 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM on Weekdays [SAT -THU]. The Law Firm is located on the 3rd Floor of House-37, Road-7, Sector-3, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

For queries or consultations, contact: +88 01677125595; +88 0241090957; +88 01795762000



Abdul Baset Majumder

Among the best lawyers in Bangladesh, Abdul Baset Majumder is a prominent figure. He has been the vice president of the Bangladesh Bar Council.

Besides, Abdul Baset Majumder is the president of Bangabandhu Ainjibi Parishad. He holds LL.B. & LL.M. degrees from the University of Dhaka. He is also a member of the Bangladesh National Narcotics Control Board.


Sara Hossain

Sara Hossain is an Advocate of the Bangladesh Supreme Court and the Executive Director of Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust.

Barrister Sara Hossain has completed her Alma mater at the University of Oxford and the University of London. She played a key role in challenging fatwa violence and opposed the two-finger test in rape and sexual assault cases.

Sara Hossain is one of the most competent lawyers who have made an impact on the legal system.


Monjil Morshed

Monjil Morshed is a prominent lawyer in Bangladesh who deals with writ petitions in the court. He is the president of Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB).

As a popular lawyer who regularly deals with writ petitions, Monjil Morshed is one of the best-established lawyers in Bangladesh. His competency and prominence in his field have earned him public popularity and media attention.


Syeda Rizwana Hasan

Syeda Rizwana Hasan is an Attorney of law and an active environmentalist. She has been operating on regulations of the ship-breaking industry.

She has been awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize and the Ramon Magsaysay Award. Her impassioned leadership and uncompromising courage in the campaign of Judicial activism affirms that People’s right to a proper environment is nothing less than the right to dignity and life.

Syeda Rizwana Hasan has successfully sued organizations involved in filling lakes for real estate, hill-cutting, deforestation, improper use of polythene, shrimp farming, and the building of illegal establishments. She truly is one of the best lawyers in Bangladesh.


Mahbubey Alam

Attorney Mahbubey Alam is a senior and prominent lawyer of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. He has been serving as the Attorney General since 2009.

Mahbubey Alam had completed his B.A.(Hons) in Political Science and M.A. in Public Administration from the University of Dhaka. He has also attained two diplomas in Constitutional Law and Parliamentary Institutions and Procedures from the Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies (ICPS), India.

Attorney Mahbubey Alam is undoubtedly one of the top 10 lawyers in Bangladesh.


Khan Khalid Adnan

Khan Khalid Adnan has been operating as an Advocate of the Supreme Court since 2013. He has completed his LL.B. from the University of London and his bar vocational course from the BPP Law School.

Khan Khalid Adnan is a CIArb-accredited mediator and a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He has also been the principal of the Newcastle Law Academy (West), a teaching center of the University of London. With his competency and expertise, Khan Khalid Adnan is one of the best lawyers in Bangladesh.


Advocate Shahdeen Malik

Advocate Shahdeen Malik has over 30 years of experience in the field of law and legislation. He has been operating in this field with professional competence for a long time now.

Well-known for his extensive experience and integrity, Shahdeen Malik is one of the long-serving and prominent lawyers in the country.


Al Amin Rahman

Barrister Al Amin Rahman is a reputed practicing Advocate of the Supreme Court. He is a recognized contributor to the World Justice Project (WJP) Labor Law Index and also the managing partner of FM Associates.

Al Amin Rahman is a lawyer who is strongly advocating the abolition of the death penalty in Bangladesh. His integrity and dedication to the cause have also earned him repute in his field.


Shajib Mahmood Alam

Barrister Shajib Mahmood Alam is another reputed lawyer in Bangladesh. Besides being a UK-trained lawyer, Shajib Mahmood Alam also represents clients before the courts and tribunals of Bangladesh.

For this legal expertise and valuable consultancy, Barrister Shajib Mahmood Alam remains one of the most competent lawyers in the field.


Final Word

Bangladesh has seen steady growth in the law and advocacy sector with qualified and competent lawyers offering consultancy and litigation services. Hence, it is important to find the appropriate legal assistance in regard to your concerns about the law. These were the top 10 Lawyers in Bangladesh who have been practicing in the field with professional integrity over the years. Contact us for any further queries.

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